Bridgestone completes ISO 14001 certification of all plants in Europe

Sep, 23 2011


Bridgestone has completed ISO 14001 certification of all its European tyre production plants one year ahead of the Bridgestone internal target.

The final certification was granted to its commercial vehicle tyre retreading subsidiary, Bulldog Remoulds Ltd of the UK, in August 2011. All 13 Bridgestone Group plants in Europe employing more than 50 people are now ISO 14001 certified, 12 years after the project started in 1999.

“Bridgestone congratulates the Bulldog team for its commitment and results. The completion of our ISO14001 environmental certification program is not only a remarkable achievement, but a starting point to continue the steady improvement of Bridgestone Europe environmental performances” says Gianluca Tosatti, European Regulations & Environmental Affairs Manager, Bridgestone Technical Center Europe.

The ISO 14001 standard sets out stringent requirements for developing an effective environmental management system in support of an organisation’s environmental policies. It challenges an organisation both to conform to all current environmental regulations and to achieve continuous improvement in its environmental practices, such as reducing the use of natural resources and minimising waste.

Introducing an environmental management system at all levels of Bridgestone production activity across Europe, from the largest tyre factories to small specialised units, has therefore required significant effort in terms of harmonising procedures, introducing environmental targets and training personnel. Certification of all plants (in Europe) has been carried out by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.

“The energy efficiency of Bridgestone Europe factories is already among the best in the tyre sector, and we currently use about half of the energy used for producing one tyre in 1990. However we should never be satisfied with our achievements; we always strive towards an even higher level of environmental performance” says Mr. Tosatti.