Bridgestone builds strong winter position with premium tyres for all conditions

Sep, 13 2011

Bridgestone has redefined its position in the winter tyre market with the launch of new products and an expanded range of premium tyres designed for all types of winter conditions in Europe.

From temperate areas with wet winters to cold but variable central European weather and severe northern European conditions, Bridgestone now has a top-performing line-up for wet, dry, snow, slush and ice.
The backbone of this new winter range is built around four recently launched products: the A001 Weather Control for moderate, wet climates; the lamellen Blizzak LM-32 and Blizzak LM-80 for variable central European winters; and the Blizzak WS70 with Multicell compound for extreme northern European conditions.
All these tyres have been designed with Bridgestone’s latest winter tread and compound technologies, supported by heavy R&D investment and product testing at Bridgestone’s new winter proving ground in northern Sweden.

A001 Weather Control: confident driving all year round, even if winter strikes.

Bridgestone has designed the A001 Weather Control tyre for specific European regions with moderate climates and mild, wet winters. With its “all weather” silica compound, special water evacuation blocks and high edge density, the A001 provides a dynamic driving experience with safe grip and confident handling in all conditions, even when winter strikes unexpectedly.

Blizzak LM-32: top-level wet and snow handling, approved by premium OEM’s.

This new member of the Blizzak family takes winter performance in variable central European conditions to new heights. The unidirectional tread is engineered for strong grip in snow and wet, with high sipe density for slippery surfaces. Bridgestone’s latest compound technology gives confident braking in all winter conditions. Approved for certain BMW, Audi and Mercedes models.

Blizzak LM-80: superior winter performance for latest generation of SUV’s and CUV’s

The all-new Blizzak LM-80 lamellen tyre helps drivers get the most out of their SUV, delivering superb performance and safety in all winter conditions. The unidirectional tread with its advanced sipe platforms is designed for winter traction and handling on ice and snow and offers balanced control on wet and dry roads. The under-tread compound and lighter construction reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance, helping to cut fuel consumption.

Blizzak WS70: improved performance in all northern European winter conditions

The new Blizzak WS70 gives motorists optimum handling on ice, snow, slush, wet and dry, with the comfort of a studless product. The tyre features the latest Bridgestone winter technology: the new tubular Multicell compound with ‘bite particles’ for grip on ice, 3D ZigZag siping which helps maintain block stiffness and bite on packed snow and ice, and NanoPro-TechTM polymer to improve flexibility in lower temperatures.

A full range of winter tyres

Three other building blocks complete the Bridgestone winter range for passenger vehicles.
For central European conditions, the Blizzak LM-30/35 offer compacts, mid-sized cars and family saloons safe all-round winter driving with maximum control on snow and ice, and the reassurance of short braking distances on slush and wet. For northern European winter conditions or Alpine regions of central Europe, the studless Blizzak DM-V1 provides today’s SUV’s with the double advantage of strong grip on snow and ice, matched by safe wet handling. Thirdly, Bridgestone’s latest studded specialist, the Noranza 2EVO, has an upgraded stud and compound application for secure handling on the ice and packed snow of northern Europe.

European Winter proving ground

Bridgestone winter tyres are tested and proven at Bridgestone Europe’s new winter proving ground at Vidsel, northern Sweden, less than 100 km from the Arctic Circle. The facility, which can test in a variety of snow and weather conditions from November to March, has multiple snow and ice handling courses, a hill track, enough space for objective tests, and snow canons to assist track preparat