Bridgestone to increase production capacity of radial passenger tyres at its Tianjin plant in China

Aug, 08 2011


Bridgestone Corporation announced today that it will increase the production capacity of its Chinese radial passenger tyre plant in Tianjin, Bridgestone (Tianjin) Tyre Co., Ltd. (“Tianjin Plant” hereafter) to meet the demand for tyres in China, which is expected to grow in the medium- to long-term.

Under the current schedule, the Tianjin Plant will begin production at its increased capacity in July 2012. The Tianjin Plant will make a total investment of approximately 1,054 million yuan (approximately ¥15.5 billion), which will boost the plant’s production capacity by 8,800 tyres per day, enabling it to produce a total of 25,300 tyres per day.

The Bridgestone Group particularly plans to expand the production capacity of eco-friendly tyres, such as “ECOPIA” brand tyres, as well as to start the local production of winter tyres in its Chinese tyre plant.

The expansion in production capacity at the Tianjin Plant is part of the Bridgestone Group’s strategy to bolster its ability to meet the growing demand for radial passenger tyres in China. At the same time, the Group is developing systems to enhance its “speed to market” which will improve its ability to quickly meet the product needs of its customers in the Chinese market.

  1. Location: Tianjin, China
  2. Company name: Bridgestone (Tianjin) Tyre Co., Ltd.
  3. Representative: Koki Kinoshita
  4. Ownership: Bridgestone Corporation—94.5% (including indirect investment)
  5. Plant Site: Approximately 250,000 square meters
  6. Products: Radial tyres for passenger vehicles
  7. Start of Production: April 1997 (Date of acquisition: January 2000)
  8. Number of Employees: 1,391 (as of end of June 2011)