Bridgestone Ecopia tyres carry Nissan GreenSource Team Holland through the Alps in e-Miglia rally

Aug, 12 2011

Bridgestone Ecopia tyres carry Nissan Green Source Team Holland through the Alpsine Miglia rally

Equipped with Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tyres, the all-electric Nissan LEAF of Nissan GreenSource Team Holland successfully completed the e-Miglia rally across the Alps on 5th August.

A field of 31 different battery-only vehicles demonstrated the capabilities of electric vehicles and the exciting potential of e-mobility. Starting from Munich, the 4-day rally covered 800 kilometres through four countries, with steep climbs up to altitudes over 2,500 meters, finishing in St. Moritz.
Nissan GreenSource Team Holland in the Nissan LEAF finished 17th in the rally, placing it amongst the leading 4-door production cars.
“Driving our car was a real pleasure and our Bridgestone Ecopia tyres deserve a lot of credit” said Marc de Jong, driver of the Nissan LEAF and Principal of Pure Sports Management.

“During the e-Miglia our Ecopia tyres tackled mountain passes, country roads, sun, rain, smooth tarmac and rough pavement - all with equal ease and excellent road-holding. Matched to the low centre of gravity of our Nissan LEAF, the Ecopia tyres allowed us to do very well in all the driving tests.”

Nissan have selected Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tyres as original equipment for the LEAF, the world’s first 100% electric mass-produced car, voted European Car of the Year 2011.
Ecopia is Bridgestone’s line of eco-friendly tyres, specially developed to provide low rolling resistance without compromising overall tyre performance, including wet safety. Ecopia EP150 achieves reductions in rolling resistance through Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech™ compound technology. Reductions in rolling resistance lead to greater fuel efficiency, and in the case of electric vehicles, more economical use of battery power