Bridgestone survey: 71% of cars not ready for holiday driving

Jul, 05 2011

Bridgestone survey 71 of cars not ready for holiday driving

Based on data from 38,000 tyre safety checks carried out by Bridgestone in 9 European countries during 2010, 71% of motorists are driving on under-inflated tyres.

Almost 12% of tyres on the road are also worn down below the E.U. legal minimum of 1.6 mm tread depth.

“These figures are particularly alarming at this time of year as families set off on long journeys with heavily-loaded cars. It is important for the safety of motorists that they check their tyres before leaving” says Des Collins, Vice President European Communications Office, Bridgestone Europe.

Driving on low tyre pressure is a bad habit for several reasons: it puts safety at risk because it reduces vehicle handling control; it lowers tyre durability and wear life; and it adds to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

At a time when millions of families in Europe are about to make their longest journey of the year, Bridgestone advises all motorists to follow these elementary rules for safe and green driving:

• Check your tyre pressure before setting off on holiday – Recommended levels can be found inside the fuel filler flap, in the driver’s door or in the vehicle owner manual. Check your tyres when they are cold and remember that pressure needs to be higher when the car is loaded with passengers and luggage.

• Check tyre pressure after your holiday too – Heat and long journeys can affect pressure. Generally tyre pressure and tread depth should be checked once a month.

• Do not over-inflate your tyres – The pressure will rise by 0.3 bar when they are warm. An over-inflated tyre is less able to withstand shocks.

Bridgestone extends support of European Road Safety Charter

Bridgestone Europe has already announced that it had previously extended for three years its agreement to support the European Road Safety Charter – a European Commission initiative promoting concrete actions on road safety and the sharing of good practice. Under the agreement, Bridgestone commits to continue driver education activities on road safety, including at least 30,000 tyre safety checks a year, and to publish the results of its tyre inspection programme.

In a combined effort by Bridgestone Europe and its Western Region (France and Benelux) personnel, around 1,000 tyre safety checks were conducted in Brussels last month. Other Bridgestone companies in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, France and Ireland plan more safety inspection programmes during the second half of 2011.