Three wins in a row for Bridgestone BT-016 Pro motorcycle sport tyre

Jun, 16 2011

A third German motorcycle magazine has praised the new Battlax BT-016 Pro Hypersport.

In its June issue, MO magazine backs the BT-016 Pro after head-to-head evaluation with the new sport product from a leading rival manufacturer.

“If there is one word which sums up the latest tyre from Bridgestone it would be . Just three letters, but they make a world of difference” declares MO magazine after its 1400-kilometer test on Triumph Street Triple machines.

This is the third independent test success for BT-016 Pro. In May, both PS magazine and Motorrad magazine crowned the BT-016 Pro champion in the wet and joint overall test winner.

Handling and wear life praised

The Mo test picks out the excellent dry handling and cornering of the BT-016 Pro with its triple-layer compound, high-level silica content and RC polymer which optimizes grip in all temperature conditions: “The Bridgestone does not fail to impress …it quickly warms up and becomes flexible, guaranteeing outstanding handling. When it comes to steering effort, the tyre feels as if it’s on a knife edge and always ready to change direction in an instant. In the blink of an eye you can drop into a comfortable and reassuring lean. The tyre weaves its way through winding roads effortlessly.”

The magazine is equally impressed by the longer wear life of the new BT-016 Pro: “They have doubled the lifespan of the front tyre, just as the people from Bridgestone predicted…At the back, the lifespan has also been improved.”

Bridgestone on to a winner

This MO test covers only the dry part of its evaluation; full wet testing will follow in the coming months. Wet performance is an area that has already earned the tyre top ratings from PS and Motorrad magazines. As MO writes: “This is a tyre for those with an obsession for precision and it copes splendidly with anything the open road can throw up. If it can hold up as well under wet conditions, then Bridgestone is on to a winner with this new release.”

The only criticism made by MO is the name of the tyre: “Personally, we think that the BT-016 PRO with its brilliant performance is so good that it deserves a name all of its own.”

Commenting on the MO article, Norio Ishikawa, Manager Motorcycle Products, Bridgestone Europe, says: “That’s 3 out of 3 positive test results for Bridgestone’s new BT-016 Pro. This test also shows that a top-class super sport tyre can have a longer wear life.”