Bridgestone to roll out fleet TPMS system

Jun, 29 2011

Bridgestone to rollout fleet TPMS system

Following the successful demonstration of its new TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) at the e-Safety Challenge 2011 event in Vienna on 31st May, Bridgestone Europe has announced that it plans to roll out its commercial vehicle system in Europe during this year.

For safer and greener fleets

Automation Systems Manager at Bridgestone Europe, Neil Purves, says “Pressure maintenance is critical to keeping our roads safe. Often it is running at low pressure for a prolonged period of time that causes tyres to finally fail.”

As truck tyre failure can cause the tyre to break up, forcing following traffic to take sudden action to avoid debris in the road, early warning and remedial action through TPMS can help prevent dangerous situations. In addition to the safety aspect, a fleet with correct tyre pressures will run with longer tyre life, optimal fuel economy and reduced CO2 output.

Patented valve system

The TPMS system that Bridgestone is introducing across Europe features a patented valve with a unique Radio Frequency (RF) unit. Specific valves are available for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. These RF units emit the tyre pressure, temperature and unique identification number every 4 seconds, giving the unit a lifespan of a minimum of 3 years.
The system is rolling out as a tool within Bridgestone’s Total Fleet Management package which provides full tyre maintenance services within a fleet. Using either detector gates mounted at the fleet premises or handheld data-collection units, vehicle maintenance managers will now be able to receive targeted pressure alerts so they can quickly react before a low pressure turns into a tyre failure.

Note for journalists
The eSafety Challenge is an annual event that promotes and highlights the life-saving potential of advanced vehicle safety technologies. It is co-funded by the FIA Foundation, European Commission and eSafetyAware.