Bridgestone to begin production of hydraulic hoses in Changzhou, China

Jun, 01 2011


Bridgestone Corporation announced today that its subsidiary, Changzhou Bridgestone Flowtech Co., Ltd. (CBF), is building a new production plant in China for the hose portion of hydraulic hoses.

CBF manufactures components of hydraulic hoses and conducts swaging, one step in the assembly process. Production at the new plant is scheduled to begin in October 2012. The total investment will be 320 million Chinese yuans (approximately ¥4.6 billion), and the plant will have a monthly production capacity of 430,000 meters of the hose portion when it is up to full capacity.

Demand for construction equipment and replacement hydraulic hoses in the Chinese Market is expected to increase in the medium to long-term. In order to better respond to local market demand, the Bridgestone Group has been studying the production of the hose portion of hydraulic hoses in China. Upon receiving approval from the Chinese government, the Group formally decided to begin production.

While strengthening its ability to supply hoses to the Chinese market to meet the anticipated high levels of growth, the Bridgestone Group will develop systems to enable it to more quickly supply superior quality products to the market.