New Bridgestone advertising campaign in Europe

May, 09 2011

Bridgestone Europe has produced a new corporate advertising campaign.

The TV, print, billboard and web advertisements were produced in close cooperation with Bridgestone Corporation and will be used globally as well as within Europe.

The campaign highlights the benefits of Bridgestone tyres by involving the audience emotionally. It picks up on Bridgestone’s emphasis on communicating to individuals, as expressed in the new worldwide tagline “Your Journey, Our Passion”.

Wet safety and fuel economy

The TV commercial “Sarah Jane” features a new-born baby asleep in a car. When the father has to brake and swerve suddenly in the rain he does so safely, without even waking his daughter, thanks to Bridgestone tyres that “stop shorter in the wet”. The 30-second TV spot is being aired in France, Germany, Spain and the UK, since the end of April 2011. Print advertisements featuring the same subject and wet-grip benefit are running in Italy, Spain and the UK.
The second TV spot shows “Little Jimmy” drinking too much water and juice on the back seat during a long journey. He needs to go to the toilet and can’t wait for his father to stop at a petrol station; but Bridgestone designs tyres that help fuel last longer.

Bridgestone’s annual tyre survey, based on more than 10,000 consumers in major markets across Europe, consistently shows that grip in wet conditions is the most important criterion for rating summer tyre performance. On average more than 50% of European motorists judge their tyres on wet safety, while more than 20% in major markets such as Germany, France and the UK also expect their tyres to help reduce fuel consumption.

Heavy online support

The integrated multimedia campaign receives heavy online support through a wide range of screen formats in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK demonstrating the “stop shorter in the wet” benefit. Poland adds a layer of billboards to the media mix. The 30-second film Little Jimmy also runs as a viral campaign on the Internet, spreading the fuel economy message.

“This new campaign aims to show Bridgestone’s strength in the areas of safety and environmental performance, presented with an appealing human touch” says Des Collins, VP European Communications Office, Bridgestone Europe.

The creative work and roll-out of the integrated Bridgestone campaign was produced by the JWT International agency, part of the WPP group. JWT International brought together talent from several countries – the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, US and Japan – to work with Bridgestone on the global project and has already developed two corporate campaigns.