Bridgestone’s new BT-016 PRO is wet weather champion

May, 09 2011

Bridgestones new BT016 PRO is wet weather champion

After winning the German PS motorcycle sports magazine tyre tests on 5th May, the Battlax BT-016 Pro Hypersport is back on the podium again.

This time the tyre is singled out by Germany’s Motorrad magazine, Europe’s largest motorcycle magazine renowned for its independent testing programmes.

The 13th May edition of Motorrad announces that BT-016 Pro is the best motorcycle sports tyre in the rain and joint overall winner of its 2011 sports tyre test.

Motorrad pitted two 2011 newcomers, including the re-designed Battlax BT-016 Pro, against the best tyres from 2010. Comparative evaluation of 180/55 tyres on a Honda CBR 600RR was carried out on the race circuit, open road and wet track.

“Bridgestone’s new BT 016 Pro gave a balanced performance over the race, road and wet sections of the test. In particular, its first class performance on wet tarmac brings the BT 016 Pro up to first position” reports Motorrad.

Using its MotoGP multi-layer compound technology, Bridgestone has re-designed the BT-016 Pro for a balanced performance with outstanding contact feel, stability and grip, even in the wettest conditions. In the Motorrad wet tests, the BT-016 Pro beat all competitors on grip under acceleration, threshold range and lap times.

“Bridgestone’s BT-016 pro is the wet weather champion” states Motorrad. “The traditional leader in wet weather has relinquished its title of ‘best rain sports tyre’ to Bridgestone”.

“These independent comparative tests are important” says Norio Ishikawa, Manager Motorcycle Products, Bridgestone Europe “because they give tyre dealers and consumers important information on the value of products