Bridgestone demonstrates new TPMS safety system at eSafety Challenge 2011

May, 24 2011

Bridgestone demonstrates new TPMS safety system at eSafety Challenge 2011

Bridgestone will present and demonstrate its new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for commercial vehicles at the eSafety Challenge 2011 near Vienna on 31st May.

The patented system features a valve with a built-in radio frequency unit that simply screws onto the valve stem. Its unique ultra low power usage allows for a much smaller construction than that of conventional TPMS sensors. A passenger car version integrated to a snap-in valve will also be demonstrated.

By emitting a tyre’s pressure, temperature and unique identification number every 4 seconds, this TPMS provides vehicle maintenance managers with a comprehensive pressure status of their fleet. The data can be read by vehicle inspectors with mobile devices, or with an innovative gate solution allowing immediate corrective action to be taken.

“In addition to increasing vehicle safety, use of the system helps avoid the additional fuel consumption and tyre wear caused by even a small loss of tyre pressure” says Neil Purves, Bridgestone Europe.

The Bridgestone TPMS is available as from second half of 2011 for commercial vehicles operating under a Bridgestone Total Fleet Management contract.

The eSafety Challenge promotes and highlights the life-saving potential of advanced vehicle safety technologies. The event, which includes demonstrations by celebrity drivers, conferences, exhibitions and expert panels, is co-funded by the FIA Foundation, European Commission and eSafetyAware.