Bridgestone Corporation defines its approach to resource conservation

May, 19 2011


Bridgestone Corporation, on behalf of its worldwide family of companies, released today its approach towards resource conservation.

The Bridgestone approach to resource conservation

We, the Bridgestone Group, are committed to ongoing improvement to be an ever better steward of our natural resources. We continually innovate our processes, products and services to reduce, reuse or recycle raw materials, water and energy.

Key activities

  1. We continually improve resource productivity, doing more with less, based on sales per raw material use.
  2. We promote the development of technologies and business practices that encourage the recycling of new materials, utilisation of renewable resources and conservation of finite natural resources
  3. We reduce water consumption in our manufacturing processes by efficient use and recycling, while also promoting the protection and preservation of water in our global communities.

As stated in the refined Environmental Mission Statement, the Bridgestone Group is committed to continually working toward a sustainable society with integrity and taking decisive action with respect to three important environmental perspectives: ecological conservation, resource conservation and reducing carbon emissions.

The company took a major step in April 2010 for reducing carbon emissions, announcing the establishment of targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions throughout all its products’ lifecycles. In September 2010, the company also released further details defining its approach towards promoting biological diversity in its many global communities for ecological conservation.