Top rating for Bridgestone’s eco-friendly Ecopia EP150 in ADAC summer tyre test

Mar, 15 2011

Bridgestone’s eco-friendly Ecopia EP150 tyre has received the top “very recommendable” rating from Germany’s ADAC motoring organisation.

The ADAC summer tyre tests, published at the end of February 2011, evaluated 16 leading tyre brands including the Ecopia EP150 (size 195/65 R15 on a Skoda Octavia) for the first time since its European launch in 2010.

Ecopia EP150: “Very recommendable” writes ADAC “a very well balanced summer tyre; good in all safety-related criteria.”

Ecopia tyres are designed to reduce rolling resistance without compromising grip and wet safety. The Ecopia EP150 employs Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech™ compound and has a 15% improved rolling resistance compared to current Bridgestone tyres of the same dimensions, making it more fuel efficient with lower CO2 output.

The ADAC tests of 195/65 R15 also included the Firestone TZ300, which competes in the mid-priced tyre segment, awarding it the “recommendable” rating with “very good on dry”. Separate ADAC tests in a smaller size (175/65 R14T on a Ford Fiesta) included the Firestone Multihawk tyre which also received the “recommendable” rating.

ADAC Motorwelt is the official publication of ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club), Germany’s largest automobile club; with 18 million readers, it is the country’s most read magazine.