Bridgestone Europe announces further price increases

Mar, 08 2011


Bridgestone Europe has announced a new round of price increases in Europe that will be rolled out in the second quarter of 2011 covering all Consumer, Commercial and Specialty tyres.

The increases will average around 7%, but will vary between product categories.

Mac Ohashi, CEO and President of Bridgestone Europe commented “This is the second price increase of the year for us in Europe, as the raw material prices for tyres continue to keep their historically high level. We are taking pricing actions in stages, and future steps will become necessary should the current trend continue.”
“Aftermarket demand in Europe is steadily recovering and export-driven OE demand from car and truck manufacturers is very strong”, he continued. “Whilst we continue to maintain maximum production at our factories, we are unlikely to satisfy all the requirements in the short term. Considering these situations, and to ascertain our targets are achieved, we must continue focusing on the priorities”.