Blizzak WS70: the new studless multicell winter tyre from Bridgestone

Mar, 01 2011

The new Blizzak WS70 is engineered with the latest advances in Bridgestone winter tyre technology.

The drivers’ choice

The WS70 is designed to provide top-class handling on ice and snow with its unidirectional pattern, ZigZag sipes and unique Multicell tread compound. As a studless tyre it has low environmental impact, and with low noise it is a great choice whether driving long distances or in the city.

On slush and wet roads the WS70 pattern efficiently moves the water away from the tread surface, increasing contact with the road for a secure grip.
Handling performance is excellent due to the use of a continuous centre rib and stiff shoulder blocks. The ZigZag sipes maintain stability of the blocks allowing superb directional control whether on ice, snow, wet or dry surfaces.

Innovative technology for low temperatures

The new Blizzak WS70 is engineered with the latest advances in Bridgestone winter tyre technology, including the newest generation of the unique Multicell compound, innovative 3D ZigZag siping and NanoPro-Tech™.

Bridgestone has applied the new generation of its revolutionary Multicell technology: Tube Multicell with ‘bite’ particles. This unique rubber compound contains microscopic bubbles and tubes which clear water rapidly from between the tyre and ice or snow surface and assure a proper contact of the tyre on the road. As the water is cleared, the ‘bite’ particles come into contact with the ice surface, improving the grip even further.

A multitude of 3D ZigZag sipes in the tread blocks provides the biting effect that ice and snow covered roads require. Specially designed with a washboard shape and support bars, maintain block stiffness when under pressure, resulting on an improvement on handling and other performance.

The NanoPro-Tech™ polymer in the compound helps to distribute the silica more effectively, improving flexibility in colder weather so that the tyre has better gripping contact with the road when the temperature plunges.

The Blizzak WS70 is available from June 2011 with a line-up of 15 sizes for 15” to 17” rims, to be expanded later.