Blizzak LM-80: Bridgestone’s new SUV winter tyre for central European conditions

Mar, 01 2011

Blizzak LM80 Bridgestone new SUV winter tyre for central European conditions

Successor of the renowned LM-25 4x4, the new Blizzak LM-80 is a winter tyre that provides SUV’s, CUV’s and 4x4’s with high level, well balanced winter performance and excellent snow handling.

The new Blizzak LM-80 targets the latest generation of SUV’s and CUV’s with improved winter performance compared to the LM-25 it replaces. Snow performance is especially enhanced through application of the latest pattern and siping technologies. Development aimed for the optimum balance between the different performance requirements of SUV’s and CUV’s in European winter conditions: improved traction on loose and compact snow, more grip on ice, higher wet safety, and improved fuel consumption and environmental performance.

High-level performance from Autumn to Spring

To achieve this balance, Bridgestone designed a uni-directional tread with high transversal groove volume for strong traction on snow and confident clearance of slush and water. Advanced siping technologies are applied including “Washboard” patterned sipes which interlock to provide a more stable block, for maximum edge effect on snow and ice and stable handling in all conditions. This edge effect is further strengthened by the block platform which aids pattern stiffness, enhancing acceleration, braking and turning on wintry and wet surfaces.

Lower rolling resistance

The tread compound has been optimized for low temperature conditions and combined with an under-tread compound that reduces heat generation, helping to lower tyre rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption. In the LM-80 construction, the carcass shape has been optimised to reduce weight and rolling resistance. Certain sizes also have a lighter belt package, further reducing overall tyre weight and rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency. The sidewall is strongly identified by the sporty Blizzak “biting claws” graphic and marked with both M+S and the 3-peak mountain icon, signifying the tyre’s good snow capability. The new Blizzak LM-80 for SUV’s and CUV’s will be introduced in 15” to 20” rim sizes, 70 to 40 series, in European markets from June 2011.