New Bandag on/off road BDM1 and BRM1 treads

Feb, 16 2011


High-mileage premium on/off treads offering low cost per kilometre, now available through Bandag dealers in Europe

Bridgestone Europe has upgraded the Bandag tread range with the launch of Bandag Drive Mixed service (BDM1) with powerful traction and Bandag Rib Mixed service (BRM1) for all-position on/off road versatility. Both new treads deliver a lower cost/km and up to 15% higher mileage than their predecessors and have been extensively tested on the job with fleets.

Proven performance on the job

On/off road operations in industries such as construction and waste are punishing environments for tyres. Operators need to combine the best possible mileage and handing on road with strong traction and resistance to damage off road, on surfaces which can vary from very soft to harsh and abrasive. Minimizing tyre-related costs is the bottom line.

The new application-specific (design by Bandag) BDM1 and BRM1 have been developed to meet these tough objectives. With new designs and compounds, and the combined development power of Bridgestone and Bandag, they set new standards in the commercial on/off road segment.

Both treads have been extensively tested with 19 fleets in 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

BDM1: powerful traction plus higher mileage

With its directional lug design and deep open shoulder voids, the new Bandag Drive Mixed gives today’s high-torque trucks superb traction on all terrains. Large tread blocks and the new high-performance compound provide strong resistance to cuts, chips, tears and scrubbing. And stones and debris are ejected by the tread before they can penetrate and cause damage.

The unique geometry of the BDM1 actually slows down tread wear and reduces noise level. Fleet tests show that compared to its BDY3 predecessor, the Bandag Drive Mixed delivers up to 15% more mileage.

BRM1: lower cost/km in all positions

Bandag Rib Mixed 1 is the versatile all-position tyre for on/off and city applications. The new design provides a comfortable stable ride, improved handling plus the usual high level of Bandag reliability.

With its slow-wearing compound and high resistance to cuts and penetration, the BRM1 is also engineered for higher mileage and lower cost/km – proven in fleet tests versus its predecessor, BZY2.

Available now through Bandag dealers across Europe, BDM1 and BRM1 treads offer a wide range of sizes, enabling all popular casing dimensions to be retreaded. More information available on