New Bandag BDM1 tread gets thumbs up from Veolia

Feb, 15 2011


Before a new Bandag tread is launched, it’s extensively tested all over Europe.

In 2010 the Belgian operations of Veolia, the world leader in environmental services, tested the new-generation on/off road Bandag Drive Mixed1.

Wears evenly and resists cuts
“The BDM1 stands up very well to the difficult driving conditions and demonstrates a nice even wear. I saw very little impact of the doubtless many sharp objects that have crossed path with these tyres.” explains Mr. Jean Verdeyen, Fleet & Container Senior Engineer, Operations Division, Veolia Belgium.

Bridgestone-Bandag combination most cost efficient
According to Mr. Verdeyen who manages Veolia’s 150 trucks from six Belgian locations, there are three major cost elements in fleet management: diesel, wages and tyres. And good tyre management can lead to big savings.

“We used to buy cheap retreads but after evaluation I found out that this was not the cheapest option. The price/quality ratio is nowhere near as good as the combination of Bridgestone on steer axle and Bandag on drive axle.”
Veolia operates a strict tyre maintenance schedule. A tyre specialist checks pressure and wear on each vehicle every two months and the same control is performed internally each time a vehicle is serviced.

The result is that Veolia Belgium only has 2 or 3 tyre-related breakdowns a month. An impressive performance in these conditions! Choosing quality tyres from Bridgestone and Bandag, combined with a good maintenance plan, is the way Veolia Belgium keeps its tyre budget under control and reduces costs.

BDM1 ready for the job
With plenty of time to evaluate the new on/off road drive tread, what is Mr. Verdeyen’s final verdict? “The BDM1 also performs better in terms of mileage compared to the previous Bandag tread. That is why I’m looking forward to introducing the BDM1 to all our trucks.”