Geneva Motor Show 2011: Bridgestone focuses on reliability, ecology and innovation

Feb, 16 2011


Bridgestone will be present at the Geneva Motor Show this year, with a 210 m² stand (2143) in Hall 2.

Three distinct zones on the Bridgestone stand illustrate the company’s product focus: reliable, ecological and innovative tyres.

Reliability. The left side of the stand is dedicated to Bridgestone’s top priority: safety. Firstly with Run Flat Technology and the latest Bridgestone tyres that add a level of ride comfort comparable to conventional tyres. Secondly, Bridgestone’s new expanded winter line-up covering all types of winter conditions: from wet and mild regions (Bridgestone A001 Weather Control) to west-central continental conditions (Blizzak LM-32-) and north European conditions (Blizzak WS70).

Ecology. On the right-hand side of the stand Bridgestone presents its eco-friendly Ecopia range, an expanding line-up of tyres with low rolling resistance. There is also a close-up on NanoPro-Tech™, the Bridgestone compound technology that makes it possible.

Innovation. The innovation zone is where Bridgestone presents its dreams of the future. Star of the show is the ‘Half Weight’ concept tyre, fitted on a Nissan Leaf, the European Car of the Year 2011 and the world’s first mass-produced all-electric car. Never before seen in Europe, the Half Weight is a solution in development for car manufacturers striving to reach stricter fuel consumption targets.