Bridgestone Technical Center Europe receives EN 16001 certification

Feb, 11 2011


Bridgestone believes that effective management of energy resources is a key success factor and essential element of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In this context Bridgestone Technical Center Europe (TCE) has demonstrated leadership in implementing the systematic management of energy by achieving the innovative EN 16001 Certification in December 2010.

In a small ceremony on January 28th , Mr. Franco Annunziato, Chief Quality Officer and Senior Vice President Technology, Bridgestone TCE, received the original copy of the EN 16001 certificate from Vincenzo Patti, Managing Director and Business Centre Manager of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Italy.

The EN 16001 standard certifies that Bridgestone Technical Center Europe has successfully implemented an energy management system and that an energy policy has been developed and put into effect. TCE identified all areas of significant energy consumption, targeting energy savings, while also introducing projects to produce energy from renewable sources. These activities are now fully integrated within the Technical Center daily working procedures.
Bridgestone Technical Center Europe is a pioneer in energy management and is the industry’s first tyre facility to receive EN 16001 certification. As of today, fewer than 100 companies in Europe are certified.

This energy management approach will enhance efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with Bridgestone’s challenging global goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 35% per sales from operations while improving tyre rolling resistance efficiency by 25% within 2020.