M729 and R168 patterns now available as Bridgestone Retreads

Jan, 18 2011


As from January 2011, the Qualitread M729 drive tread and R168 trailer tread have both been re-branded under the Bridgestone Retread name in Europe.

From April 2011, the Qualitread M729 EVO will also join the Bridgestone Retread line-up.

Bridgestone’s M729 regional drive tyre with its deep, multi-block pattern is renowned for its high mileage and resistance to irregular wear. The wide-base R168 regional trailer pattern provides excellent mileage performance for all on-road applications.

New global branding strategy

These additions to the Bridgestone Retread line-up are part of Bridgestone’s new global strategy to progressively rebrand all Qualitread patterns under the Bridgestone Retread or Bandag names.
Under the new strategy, the premium Bridgestone Retread range will provide the latest high-performance Bridgestone patterns and compounds to the pan-European long haul and regional transport sector – with the focus on cost-per-kilometre and mileage contracts.

Expanding Bandag line-up

The Bandag brand will continue to offer solutions on three levels.
At the top end is the Bandag Premium Application-Specific range, with a complete line-up of Bandag own patterns covering all applications and axle positions, priced just below Bridgestone Retread products.
Priced slightly lower is the Bandag Standard line-up, which will be strengthened with the addition of several former Bridgestone Qualitread patterns.
On a third level is the popular Bandag Value Line range, for price sensitive operators.

The combined Bridgestone Retread and Bandag line-ups are produced by the network of Bandag’s 140+ European dealerships.