Bridgestone M749 Ecopia now available as retread

Jan, 20 2011


Bridgestone has introduced its first Ecopia truck tyre retread, the M749 Ecopia highway drive pattern.

From January 2011, it is available throughout the Bandag dealer network in Europe.

Cost and ecological advantages

The M749 Ecopia drive tyre delivers high-level traction and wet handling, while also reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. By making the M749 Ecopia available as a retread, Bridgestone can now offer long-haul operators the double benefit of cost savings over the full tyre life and a reduction in the ecological tyre print of the fleet.
Retreads not only use less energy and resources in the manufacturing phase, they also represent a more efficient use of materials and result in fewer tyres for recycling or disposal.
The tread is responsible for around 40% of a tyre’s rolling resistance, with the other 60% generated by the various components of the tyre casing. By retreading the low rolling resistance casing of the M749 Ecopia, fleets will be able to maximize the full fuel-saving potential of the retread.

12% improved rolling resistance

Bridgestone introduced Ecopia truck tyres in Europe in 2010, providing fleet managers with new solutions for environmental responsibility and fuel efficiency. Thanks to their advanced compound technology, Ecopia truck tyres produce a 12% improvement in rolling resistance compared to previous Bridgestone profiles, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
Importantly for operators, this lower rolling resistance has been achieved without compromising tyre performance in terms of mileage, wet grip, even wear and durability.
Bridgestone plans to expand the Ecopia retread line-up with the addition of the R109 trailer pattern later this year.