Bridgestone Europe Announces Price Increases

Jan, 09 2011


Prices will increase by an average of 6% but with some variances between markets and product categories.

Bridgestone Europe NV/SA has announced that it will increase prices on all consumer, commercial, and specialty tyres, and retreads starting from January 2011 and rolling out across all Europe throughout 1st Quarter 2011.

Commenting on the announcement, Makio Ohashi, CEO and President of Bridgestone Europe stated, “The cost of raw materials, especially natural rubber, has reached a much higher level than it was 4 months ago when we announced the last price increase. As I indicated at that time, a further price increase has become necessary to try and recover some of those costs. Our factories continue to operate at maximum capacity with improvements in productivity, flexibility, and efficiency to cope with the challenges including the high cost of raw materials and increased demand for our quality products. However, we have not seen an end to the escalation of raw materials prices.”