CSR-based Procurement adds not just environmental aspects but also social impacts to the quality component of the QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) requirement to which suppliers are bound.

In this respect, we are sharing what are “Our Philosophy, Ethics and Basic Conduct Guidelines in Purchasing” including “Supplier’s Whistleblowing” system and we invite all Suppliers associated with Bridgestone business to recognize the importance of CSR-based Procurement and to implement as per our “Basic Idea for Procurement”

Our Philosophy, Ethics and Basic Conduct Guidelines in Purchasing

Our Purchasing philosophy

Purchasing activities are intended to contribute improving the group’s profit performance and to ensure long-term growth in accordance with its Management policies.

By conducting Purchasing activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and with all due consideration for the global environment, human and labor rights, safety, quality and other factors which contribute to the welfare of society, Our Company will be acting as a good corporate citizen and supporting its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our Purchasing ethics

Individuals involved in Purchasing shall at all times:

  • seek to improve their knowledge, awareness and understanding of their responsibilities;
  • strive for impartiality and fairness, good judgment, and moderation;
  • undertake their duties with integrity, honesty and sincere attitude.
As company representatives, individuals involved in Purchasing shall undertake all activities in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and based on the principles of good faith and fairness. Consistently operating with these goals in mind will enhance Our Company’s reputation and result in continuing improving relationships with suppliers.

Our main conduct guidelines when performing purchasing activities

The Purchasing Unit together with individuals involved in Purchasing shall:

  • Always work within company procedures, legal, conduct and ethical boundaries.
  • Not engage in any unfair purchasing, cartel and other infringements to competition law. 
  • Not solicit or receive any personal benefit from suppliers, such as excessive entertainment or gifts or kickbacks.
  • Refrain from and remove conflicts of interest situations.
  • When taking a Purchasing decision, always remember the need to protect human rights, labor, safety and so forth people’s health, as well as global environment; ensure equal opportunities to all suppliers (avoid discrimination based on not rational elements such as race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.)
  • Always protect both our company’s confidential information as well as all sensitive information related to Our Suppliers from disclosure to any Third Parties.
  • Prevent individual misbehaving act toward supplier and build a system to preclude it and to report it: On this respect Bridgestone Europe has put in place a Supplier’s Whistleblowing system. 

Supplier’s Whistleblowing


In order to maintain the highest quality standards of its services and to ensure our procurement activity be conducted according to our philosophy and ethics, Bridgestone Europe has introduced Supplier’s Whistleblowing System. Supplier’s Whistleblowing, along with any other normal method of alarm, is a system at the disposal of our suppliers to encourage them to inform the company of dysfunctional behaviours they consider contrary to applicable laws, rules and regulations, and to organise the verification of the alarm raised within the organisation concerned.

Communication Channel

Bridgestone Europe has a dedicated communication channel for whistleblowing and ensures that the whistleblowing complaints are processed in a manner that is as objective and effective as possible.

The supplier can communicate directly with our Compliance Department through following email address:

This channel is intended to favor the Whistleblowers, but suppliers can use also another method at their own discretion.

The Compliance Department will assess the complaint and refer for investigation as appropriate. The investigation is subject to confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts of interest. The identity of the Whistleblower shall be kept confidential and shall be disclosed if legally required. Bridgestone encourages not to report anonymously for supporting an effective investigation.

Basic Idea for Bridgestone Procurement

Basic Idea for Bridgestone Procurement

1. Basic Idea for Procurement

  • Aiming to open and fair Procurement
  • Improving QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery)
  • Promoting eco-friendly Green Procurement
  • Ensuring compliance and security protection
  • Implementing CSR-based Procurement throughout the entire supply chain
In collaboration with Our Suppliers, we would like to implement the CSR Items and their standards (described on the table hereunder) throughout the entire supply chain. These are our expectations to suppliers since we believe that meeting these standards are basics of our business.

CSR Items



  • Respect for basic human rights
  • Compliance with the law
  • Complete information control


  • Compliance to Environmental Obligations
  • Reduction of environmental burden


  • Safe work environment
  • Enhancement of Health management for Employees


  • Disaster prevention (fire disaster etc.)


  • Maintaining stable supply


  • Establishment of QA system to ensure requirement
  • Pursuit of higher quality level


  • Having clear management policies
  • Having clear Supplier selection criteria


  • Maintaining a sound financial situation


  • Aggressive investment for technical development
  • Correct & quick response to required specifications of Suppliers

2. Bridgestone trust that compliance is a matter of properly satisfying requirements and expectations of society. We undertake:

  • To comply with all European, local and foreign laws and regulations whenever are applicable.
  • To act ethically and  to carry out business fairly, honestly and openly, 
  • Not to bribe and/or be bribed and to respect our Code of Anti-Corruption and our Procedure on gifts and entertainment.
We expect from all our Suppliers to adhere to the same principles. Bridgestone will be entitled to terminate the purchase order/agreement without liability to the supplier by sending a written notice with immediate effect if the supplier does not comply with these principles.