Health and Safety

We take very seriously the lives of our employees, their safety and wellbeing. Respect for the environment and the society in which we live and conduct business, is of utmost importance to us.

Therefore we, Bridgestone Europe, are committed to achieving ever higher levels of society’s trust and employee pride. We consider the environment, health and safety matters to be integral parts of all our business activities, as we work towards a sustainable society. We will protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public, and conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Corporate management shall ensure alignment of Bridgestone’s European business strategy and operations with this Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) policy and confirm the commitment of Bridgestone Europe to:

• Conduct all operations in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements, pollution prevention, anticipate EH&S issues and promote appropriate voluntary initiatives that support this policy;

• Strive for an injury free and healthy workplace through high employee involvement and a strong health and safety program;

• Strive to continuously improve global EH&S performance by utilizing practices that protect employees and the environment, including reducing emissions, developing opportunities for recycling and for improving energy, water and other resources efficiency;

• Educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner;

• Review and report on a periodic basis the EH&S performance of the operations which may include the setting and review of EH&S objectives and targets used to promote continuous improvement;

• Make efforts to research and develop environmentally friendly products, by applying environmental considerations to evaluate projects concerning new products, processes and purchases;

• Comply with any customer based environmental requirements and policies and with any environmental regulatory requirements applicable to the products;

Compliance with this commitment and applicable laws is the responsibility of every employee and contractor acting on our behalf and a condition of their employment or contract.

Furthermore, Bridgestone Europe will undertake to earn the public trust by communicating about our policies, programs and performance, and by advocating sound laws and regulations.

Bridgestone Europe shall review this policy on a periodic basis.

Franco Annunziato
CEO and President, Bridgestone Europe NV/SA