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Privacy Policy

First of all we are excited that you are interested in our company, products and services. We do our utmost to make sure that you do not need to worry about the protection of your personal data when visiting our website.

You have access to our website for the purpose of consulting information about our company, our products and our services, without being obliged to communicate your personal data.

We take the privacy rights of our website visitors very seriously.

This privacy policy describes how we use the personal data you may provide us by amongst others the use of this website. In case you have questions or remarks concerning this policy, we invite you to contact our customer service via the contact menu of our website.

This policy may be updated from time to time.  We therefore advise you to consult this page on a regular basis so that you are aware of changes, if any, and find out whether these are acceptable to you. This policy applies to all website visitors and to all means of access, including, but not limited to; desktop and laptop computers, public internet consoles or mobile devices.

By submitting personal data via this website, you explicitly confirm your approval of the use of your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

1. Definitions
“BSEU” means Bridgestone Europe NV, with registered office at Kleine Kloosterstraat 10, 1932 Zaventem, Belgium, entered in the Belgian register of legal entities with number 0441192820;

“User(s)” means (a) user(s) of the Website, jointly or individually depending on the context;

“Website” means the website reachable via the following primary URL:;

“Personal data” means all information allowing the identification of an individual. Such as, without being exhaustive, your name, address, telephone number, mail address, financial details, username, password. 

“Affiliated Company” is a company that is part of the Bridgestone Group and connected to BSEU, for example their subsidiary companies.

2. Which personal data do we collect?
On certain pages of this Website, BSEU will ask or receive information about you, for example on the registration pages. Some data collected by BSEU are considered as Personal data.

If you wish to use an area of the website requiring registration, you will be requested to fill in the relevant information. In this case, BSEU makes clear that they will only give you full access to their Website environment after you will have submitted the required information in accordance with their website stipulations and terms and conditions of the specific website functionality conditions.

3. The confidentiality of your personal data
Every time you as a user submit Personal data, BSEU shall handle this information in accordance with the stipulations of this privacy policy and the legal obligations within the scope of the processing of Personal data.

BSEU will do its utmost to make sure that your Personal data are protected. BSEU shall establish reasonable procedures to secure and protect the data they collect via the Website.  In this way, BSEU wishes to prevent illegal processing of Personal data and unintentional loss or liquidation of your Personal data.

BSEU optimizes the security of your Personal Data by:

• Using encryption where it is appropriate; 
• Using password protection; and
• Limiting the access to your Personal data (for example, only BSEU employees  who need your data for the purposes as described here above shall receive permission to access these data).

Where you are asked to register yourself as a User, BSEU invites you to help them with the security of your Personal data by avoiding the use of obvious passwords and user ID’s, by  changing your password on a regular basis and by making  sure that you don’t share your username, password or other details with others or storing these details in an insecure way.

4. How do we collect your Personal data?
BSEU collects your Personal data as follows:

• When you create an online account as a User; 
• When you place an order;
• When you subscribe yourself for a newsletter;
• When you participate in a competition, tombola or other promotion; 
• When you file a complaint or ask for information; 
• When you call or mail BSEU or correspond with them via another way than this website;

BSEU can combine the Personal data that they collect via this Website with information which you provide BSEU in another way or which third parties deliver to BSEU. BSEU can retain this information in a combined data bank or in several separate data banks.

BSEU keeps your Personal data no longer than necessary for the desired aim or for the period as determined in an eventual agreement or by law.

The User has the right to object the processing of his/her Personal data.  This right is however not unconditional.  BSEU shall only delete Personal data on the request of the User in case of a justified objection.

BSEU avoids the collection of Personal data which is not relevant for the Purposes set out hereunder. 

5. What do we do with your Personal data?
BSEU is allowed to use the Personal data they collect for the following purposes (“the Purposes”):

• Register you as a User on their Website and run their Website services (including processing of queries or requesting information concerning the company BSEU, their products or services) and to permit you to use these services (for example: blogs, forums and discussion pages);
• Processing of orders placed via the Website;
• Processing and treatment of possible complaints or requests;
• Judging and analysing the market, customers, products and services of BSEU (including asking for your opinion concerning the products and services of BSEU and to accomplish research regarding customers);
• Helping BSEU to evaluate, correct and improve their products and services;
• Internal filing;
• Marketing purposes (in question to the department here below concerning  direct marketing);
• Organising lotteries, competitions or promotional actions; and
• Considering employing you if you have provided information in the scope of a solicitation for a job by BSEU.

All above mentioned considerations are applicable in the same way as to the use of your Personal data by an affiliated company for the purposes.

6. What with anonymous data?
When you visit the Website, BSEU can automatically collect technical information (which cannot identify you). For example: the domain name of another website that you used to get access to this Website.

BSEU collects such information to understand the navigation preferences of the User of this Website. 

These data will be used for internal purposes only in order for BSEU to investigate overall demographic data, behaviour and interests. Anonymous or generic data such as this does not enable personal identification of a User and as such is not considered as Personal data and for that purpose do not fall under the scope of this policy.

7. To whom do we report your personal data?
BSEU will not provide your Personal data as a User to third parties without your permission, except:

• To Affiliated companies;
• When these data are necessary to permit employees, agents, subcontractors, suppliers or commercial partners to provide a service or accomplish a task in the name of BSEU (including providing marketing support, accomplish market research or providing customer services), and to administer your membership, the delivery of products and services provided by BSEU at this time or in the future, or for lotteries, competitions or promotional actions;
• To professional advisors of BSEU,
• To the buyer or potential buyer of the rights and duties of BSEU related to the Website;
• If it is necessary to pursue legitimate interests of BSEU or if this is required or permitted by law.

As User you acknowledge that every information you publish using a tool that makes information visible to other persons (for example by blogs, forums and discussion pages), will be made public by this tool.  Taking this into consideration it is important that you use your common sense and make precautionary measures concerning the information you place on such tools and you acknowledge to know and agree that the concerning information will be published in such a way that other persons have access to it.

Every distribution by BSEU of your Personal data to a careful selected third party or to one of the third parties mentioned in the list above, is in accordance with the stipulations of the privacy legislation.  BSEU ascertains that stipulations are foreseen to make sure that third parties cannot use your personal data for other purposes than and according to the Purposes, and that these third parties have assembled the necessary security measures.

If BSEU reports your Personal data to an Affiliated Company or to third parties with registered offices outside the EEA, BSEU shall not share these Personal data until measures are taken to ensure that your Personal data has the same level of protection as within the EEA .

BSEU shall take all reasonable precautionary measures to ensure  that their employees and associates which have access to Personal data will follow appropriate training, to ensure that they process  Personal data exclusively in accordance with this policy and their obligations under the privacy regulation.  If these regulations are not respected, BSEU may take disciplinary measures against their employees and associates, if deemed necessary.

8. Direct marketing
You agree that BSEU uses your Personal data to provide you with information about their products, promotional actions, special offers and other information about the products and services of BSEU or Affiliated Companies that could interest you according to BSEU, provided that you indicate when terminating the registration process that you wish to receive this information by mail and/or post.

As a User you can change your preferences regarding Direct Marketing by using the opt-out option in every direct marketing mailing or by adapting your profile.  You can do this at any time.  If you do this, BSEU will not delete your Personal data from their database(s), but will note your changed preferences as soon as reasonably possible.

9. Access to your personal data
By virtue of certain regulations concerning data protection, you may have the right to ask BSEU for details concerning the Personal data which they have from you.  If permitted by law, BSEU may charge a small compensation for this service.

If you wish to do this, you can notify the customer service of BSEU, situated in the registered offices of BSEU, or send a mail to the following address: 
You  can also consult the public register for automated data processing by sending a mail to or by sending a written request to the Privacy commission, Bld. de Waterloo 155, 1000 Brussels.
BSEU kindly asks you to help to make sure that the Personal data in our records is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you believe that the Personal data submitted to  BSEU is incorrect or incomplete, please notify customer service as described above. BSEU will correct or adapt your Personal Data as soon as possible.

If you have registered yourself on our Website, you may be able to  access your Personal data and update your data in an on-line account.  You have to make sure that you update your Personal data from the moment changes occur. Alternatively, send updates to the following mail address: 

10.  Links
This website may contain links to other websites which are not controlled by BSEU. Although BSEU will do their utmost  to make sure that the links on their Website lead exclusively to websites which share the safety and confidentiality standards of BSEU, BSEU is not responsible for the protection and confidentiality of data, among which Personal data, which you submit on other websites after you have left this Website. Before submitting personal information on other sites we recommend that you proceed carefully and consult the privacy statement which applies on the website concerned.

11.  Cookies and Web Beacons
For certain sections of this Website, cookies are used. Cookies are small fragments of information that we download and save on the hard disk or the internet browser of your computer. They allow this Website to recognize that you visited this Website before. With the help of cookies, BSEU can find out which are the most popular sections of this Website, since they allow BSEU to know which pages the users visit and how much time they spend consulting these.

On the basis of these data, BSEU is more capable to adjust the Website to reflect user requirements and offer a more customer-oriented experience.  Thanks to cookies, BSEU can for example make sure that the information that appears on your screen during the next visit to our website is tuned in to your preferences as User.

It is possible to set your browser settings in such a way that it allows or refuses the use of all cookies or informs you every time a cookie is sent.  Because not all browsers are alike, BSEU advises you to consult the Help menu of your browser to know how you can adjust your cookies preferences.  For example, you can deactivate cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer or remove cookies by selecting “Tools/Internet Options” and reshaping your parameters in view of privacy or by selecting “delete cookies”. 
Note however that our website was designed to function with cookies. Disabling the cookies may have consequences for the use of the Website and prevent you from having an optimal use of the Website.  BSEU doesn’t exchange cookies with websites of third parties or external supplier of data, with the exception of third parties under contract to/  working directly with BSEU to provide (website) services. 

This Website and the announcements which are produced by using of and/or registration on this Website, such as promotional e-mail messages, can contain electronic pictures, so-called “web beacons”. Web beacons function in general in combination with cookies and BSEU uses these in the same way as cookies (see above).

12. Minors
Individuals under the age of 18 years should not supply us with Personal data without the consent of a parent or a guardian. Without such permission, BSEU does not wish to save Personal data from minors, nor process or forward it to third parties