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The 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, One of the World’s Most Well-Known Solar Car Events, Kicks Off in Australia on October 8

Sep, 27 2017

Event brings together the greatest minds from around the world to challenge electric vehicle norms

Tokyo (September 27, 2017) - Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, one of the world’s most well-known solar car events, will take place in Australia from October 8-15, 2017 (local time). Bridgestone is the title sponsor of this event, which brings together the greatest minds from around the world to challenge electric vehicle norms and travel the outback in a vehicle powered only by the power of the sun.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of this event, which brings together university students and young engineers from 21 countries to participate in the race, encompassing about 3,000 km (1864 miles) on the Australian continent.

The race consists of three classes: Challenger Class, which is a contest of speed; Cruiser Class, which is a competition of vehicles’ energy efficiency and practicality; and Adventure Class, which is a non-competitive class open to various types of vehicles. A total of 42 teams from 21 countries are scheduled to compete. For the race, Bridgestone will supply fuel-efficient “ECOPIA with ologic” tires for solar cars to 21 of the 40 teams competing in the Challenger Class and Cruiser Class races.

Bridgestone is committed to continually working toward a sustainable society to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations. Through events like the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Bridgestone is helping expand educational opportunities to support young engineers who will drive the development of technologies to help realize a sustainable society.

Overview of the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge:

  1. Date: October 8–15, 2017
  2. Host Country: Australia (Start: Darwin; Goal: Adelaide)
  3. Host: South Australian Tourism Commission
  4. Race Classes
    1. Challenger Class
      A race to be first in vehicles designed for speed; vehicles require four wheels and one driver.
    2. Cruiser Class
      A race testing vehicles’ energy efficiency and practicality; vehicles must have four wheels and be able to be ridden by one driver and more than one passenger.
    3. Adventure Class
      A race open to vehicles that do not meet the requirements to compete in the Challenger Class or Cruiser Class, such as vehicles based on the regulations of prior competitions; vehicles must have more than three wheels.

Event schedule

Date details Location
October 3–6 Static scrutineering Darwin
October 5 Welcome party hosted by Bridgestone Darwin
October 7 Dynamic scrutineering (time trials) Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex (Darwin)
October 8 Start of the race Darwin
October 12 Opening of the goal Adelaide
October 15 Street parade and award ceremony Adelaide

“ECOPIA with ologic” tires for solar cars
“ologic” is Bridgestone’s fuel-efficient tire technology with a narrow tread and a larger diameter of the tire, which realizes high levels of fuel efficiency and safety. Bridgestone will supply fuel-efficient “ECOPIA with ologic,” tires, which is based on the “ologic” concept for solar cars to 21 teams participating in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

No Team Car Name Country/Region Class
5 SunSPEC SunSPEC5 Singapore Cruiser
7 Adelaide University Solar Racing Team Lumen II Australia Challenger
8 Punch Powertrain Solar Team Punch Two Belgium Challenger
9 PrISUm Penumbra United States Cruiser
10 Tokai University Tokai Challenger Japan Challenger
11 HS Bochum SolarCar-Team thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser Germany Cruiser
14 Flinders Automotive Solar Team Investigator Mk III Australia Cruiser
15 Western Sydney Solar Team Unlimited 2.0 Australia Challenger
25 NITech Solar Racing Horizon 17 Japan Challenger
32 Principia Solar Car Ra X United States Challenger
35 IVE Solar Car Team SOPHIE VI Hong Kong Cruiser
38 NWU Solar Naledi South Africa Challenger
40 Solar Team Eindhoven Stella Vie Netherlands Cruiser
45 Lodz Solar Team Eagle Two Poland Cruiser
71 ITU Solar Car Team B.O.W. ISTANBUL Turkey Challenger
75 UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift Violet Australia Cruiser
77 Blue Sky Solar Racing Polaris Canada Challenger
88 Kogakuin University Solar Team Wing Japan Challenger
94 University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project Eos II United States Cruiser
95 National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) & St. John's University Solar Car Team Apollo VIII Taiwan Cruiser