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Bridgestone demonstrates benefits of new Blizzak LM001 winter tyre

Feb, 20 2014

LM001 launch

Bridgestone has showcased its latest Blizzak winter tyre to dealers and journalists at Bridgestone’s Swedish Proving Ground (SPG) in Vidsel.

Safety under all conditions is the number one concern for most drivers, especially in winter. However, this no longer means driving only on snow: a winter can be wet, cold, dry, snowy, icy, and Bridgestone makes sure you are ready to face all scenarios!

Bridgestone has showcased its latest Blizzak winter tyre to dealers and journalists at Bridgestone’s Swedish Proving Ground (SPG) in Vidsel.

The two-day event, rotated between 6 European regions over the week of 9th to 15th February, featured a series of workshops demonstrating the impressive winter performance of the new Blizzak LM001. Dealers and journalists were invited behind the wheel of a VW Golf VII 1.4 TSI to experience LM001 and evaluate its performance against a major competitor.

Other workshops included a fun demonstration of control on ice, and a safety education session. All workshops were coordinated by ex-Formula 1 driver Stefano Modena, a member of Bridgestone’s tyre development team who helped organize and host the event.

As Stefano Modena commented: “Seeing is believing: our guests were quickly convinced of the extra control and safety that LM001 gives you on snow.”

New standards
Internal Bridgestone pre-testing has shown that LM001 is a step above its predecessor, particularly in snow, wet and wear life performance. At the Vidsel event, journalists and tyre dealers were able to experience its strong performance on snow and ice for themselves.

Available from September 2014, LM001 will further strengthen the full line-up of Blizzak winter tyres which offers drivers high-level performance and safety, whatever type of car or winter conditions they drive in.

Winter testing essential
Less than 100 km from the Arctic Circle, Bridgestone’s SPG at Vidsel provides winter testing for up to 17 weeks a year. The centre is fully equipped for data-driven analysis with two snow handling circuits and flat snow tracks of 1380m and 550m, a high-speed track, an ice handling circuit, a snow and ice circle, and a hill track. Extensive indoor facilities include a warehouse cold room for 2500 tyres, offices, engineers’ work stations, a conference room and resting quarters for staff and guests. During the SPG testing season, Bridgestone maintains a multinational team of 7 to 9 engineers, technicians and drivers on site.

“Winter tyres are one of Bridgestone’s strategic product pillars in Europe and the uninterrupted testing of winter tyre technology is essential to our future plans” says José-Enrique Gonzalez, Director Marketing, Bridgestone Europe.