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BANDAG M729EVO – The New Regional Drive Tread from Bandag

Oct, 11 2013

BANDAG M729EVO The New Regional Drive Tread from Bandag

High-quality premium retreads are the cornerstone of Bridgestone’s newly developed Total Tyre Life strategy.

Bandag: Bridgestone’s retread brand…
As the world’s leading retread brand, Bandag now becomes Bridgestone Europe’s sole premium retread brand. As part of this branding strategy, the current Bridgestone-branded pre-cured tread products will gradually be phased out in favour of Bandag-branded products.
As the first step in this process, the Bridgestone-branded M729EVO will be discontinued, and replaced with even better performing Bandag-branded M729EVO.

The challenge: Lowering fleets’ tyre related costs…
“The new Bandag M729EVO is an outstanding product! It builds on a combination of Bandag know-how with design features of the successful Bridgestone M729. We are confident in its potential to result in up to 10% better mileage than the predecessor product” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager Marketing Planning Commercial Business Unit, Bridgestone Europe.

The Bandag M729EVO product is M+S marked, M-speed rated (130km/h) and features the convex block design, reducing stress at the block edges and dramatically cutting down the heel & toe wear.

The Bandag M729EVO will be available in different sizes, allowing to retread the most common casings used within this segment