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Bridgestone expands motorcycle tyre website

Dec, 14 2012

Bridgestone expands motorcycle tyre website

Bridgestone has expanded its new motorcycle tyre website across Europe with the addition of six new country versions and eight new languages.

Bridgestone has expanded its new motorcycle tyre website across Europe with the addition of six new country versions and eight new languages.

The site was launched in June 2012 in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with content adapted to Europe’s five largest markets.

Since 1st of December the Motorcycle site has been available in additional languages, with sites for the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden joining the original sites. In the near future Bridgestone Europe will also launch local sites for Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

“Bridgestone is a leader in motorcycle radial tyres throughout Europe and this user-oriented website now carries local product information and news to all corners of the continent” says Vincent Van Houtte, Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

The site brings a fresh, user-friendly approach to bikers with everyday language. To provide the most relevant information, bikers first identify how they use their bike. Website content is then driven by this profile, or by other criteria chosen by the visitor.

Before starting to develop the site, Bridgestone carried out consumer research, asking bikers in the five major European markets what they expect from a website. Their response was clear: “relevant product information” and “a minimum of gimmicks”. The research also identified seven specific types of biker, highlighting “riding styles”, from fanatical racers through to scooter commuters.

After bikers have chosen their “riding style” on the home page, information tailored to this profile is delivered clearly and simply. Site content is organized around 3 main areas: MOTORCYCLE TYRES (tyre ranges, your bike, your size), KNOWLEDGE (tyre reviews, news and advice) and a DEALER LOCATOR application, all produced in simple, everyday language with easy navigation. Other than riding style, Bridgestone also gives bikers the possibility to find tyres by size, tyre range, tyre name or by selecting the actual motorcycle or scooter they ride.

“This website is inspired by motorcycle riders and designed for them. Starting with the identification of their riding style, bikers are brought into a familiar environment which allows them to easily find the information they seek in a few clicks” says Vincent Van Houtte..

Bridgestone is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle radial tyres with a complete range of products available in Europe. Bridgestone is also exclusive tyre supplier to MotoGP, the world’s premier motorcycling championship series.