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Bridgestone launches BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 motorcycle tyre

Nov, 17 2012


...and puts the pleasure back in touring.

Bridgestone has announced the worldwide introduction of the BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30 motorcycle tyre on 15th December 2012, with a European launch on 1st March 2013. The SPORT TOURING T30 is the latest tyre to join the BATTLAX line-up with technology based on Bridgestone’s development of MotoGP™ racing tyres.

The development concept of the new T30 is to give riders the real pleasure of touring, with improved handling and dry grip compared to the predecessor BT023 tyre. To achieve this, Bridgestone has developed a new compound, construction and tread pattern, all optimized for better rigidity and contact patch grip.

The T30 is the first Battlax tyre in the touring segment named “T”. Bridgestone now uses T for “Touring”, S for “Sport” and R for “Race” to more clearly position its extensive range of Battlax tyres.

“The new BATTLAX T30 helps riders find the real pleasure of touring: it gives them quick responsive handling, lets them hold the line they want and gives them the confidence to lean” says Vincent Van Houtte, Senior Manager Motorcycle Tyre Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Bridgestone designed the new T30 compound the way it does for MotoGP™ racing tyres: measuring the range of temperature in which the tyre should operate, and then developing the optimum compound to match the working range. This led to the development of RC polymers (MC tyre use), a compound that builds on the company's exclusive "NanoPro-Tech" technology. This revolutionary technology delivers improved grip and performance in actual use temperature applications.

For the tread pattern, Bridgestone has designed the front with “T-Cross” shaped grooves – straight on the centre and slanted towards the shoulder – giving quick and responsive handling. The rear pattern combines slicker shoulders with “swirled-shape” grooves, providing better contact on the lean in corners.

In-house testing against the BATTLAX BT023 predecessor shows the improved maneuverability and easy handling of the T30, giving riders the real pleasure of touring. Dry handling, grip and cornering all show improvement, with no loss of performance in the wet.

The BATTLAX series is Bridgestone's premium brand of on-road motorcycle tyres. Top of the line BATTLAX tyres race in the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) MotoGP, the premier motorcycle racing world championship series, for which Bridgestone is the official tyre supplier.

Bridgestone offers a wide range of BATTLAX tyres: from touring to racing, and for small motorcycles through to the largest machines. With a comprehensive line-up of motorcycle tyres, including the BATTLAX series, Bridgestone will strive to continue to support comfortable and enjoyable riding for motorcycle enthusiasts in the years ahead.