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Firestone launches Winterforce studded tyre

May, 07 2012

Firestone launches Winterforce studded tyre

Firestone has extended its European winter range with the launch of the Winterforce studded tyre for severe Nordic winter conditions.

Firestone has extended its European winter range with the launch of the Winterforce studded tyre for severe Nordic winter conditions. Its pattern provides confident braking and traction in ice, snow and slush conditions.

Firestone Winterforce, which is a studded tyre for passenger cars in Europe targeting the mid-price tyre segment in Nordic markets and complementing the Firestone summer tyre line-up in the region.

Confident handling on ice and snow
Studs on the shoulder and lateral ribs provide confident acceleration and braking on ice and compact snow, enhanced by a combination of sipe designs across the whole tread area for maximum biting edge effect on frozen surfaces.

The unidirectional tread design with high void ratio delivers strong snow shear forces, for optimum grip on fresh, soft snow. On wet or slushy roads the Firestone Winterforce is equally impressive: wide V-shaped grooves clear water and slush away from the contact patch rapidly, giving safe contact between the tyre and road. Handling in all conditions is enhanced by the “stepped” block design which increases traction and block stiffness at the same time, for responsive braking and acceleration.

“The Firestone Winterforce provides outstanding ice and snow performance in the mid-price tyre segment” says José Enrique Gonzalez, Director, Marketing and Sales Support, Bridgestone Europe.

Tested in Nordic region
In-house testing at Bridgestone’s winter proving ground in Sweden shows that Firestone Winterforce performs better in all areas than Dayton DW700S, the tyre it replaces in Nordic countries, with important improvements in ice braking and snow traction. Subjective evaluation underlines the new Firestone’s competitive behavior on snow, with big advantages in steering and stability.

In line with noise and future labelling regulations, Firestone Winterforce will only be sold studded. To comply with upcoming stud legislation in Nordic markets, the number of studs on Winterforce tyres manufactured from July 2013 will be reduced from the current 100 to a minimum of 88 depending on the tyre size.

Firestone currently markets Winterhawk 2 EVO and 2V EVO lamellen tyres for milder winter conditions in Northern and Central Europe. From June 2012, Firestone Winterforce will be added in Nordic and Baltic markets, available in 11 sizes, 14” to 16” rims, covering up to 75% of Nordic studded demand.