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Bridgestone tyres carry Volvo wheel loader to world speed record

May, 16 2012

Bridgestone tyre scarry Volvo wheel loader to world speed record

A Volvo wheel loader fitted with Bridgestone VHS tyres has broken 103 km/hour, creating a new world speed record for this type of vehicle.

A Volvo wheel loader fitted with Bridgestone VHS tyres has broken 103 km/hour, creating a new world speed record for this type of vehicle.

The Volvo L60G PCP (Performance Concept Prototype) set the record at Anderstorp Raceway near Gislaved, Sweden on 3rd May 2012. The event was organized by Swecon, the regional dealer for Volvo Construction Equipment vehicles, to promote the performance of Volvo construction vehicles and in particular the new range of wheel loaders.

“As an experienced user of Bridgestone tyres, Swecon approached us for support with this record attempt” says Gerry Hartley, Chief Engineer Off-Road Tyres, Bridgestone Europe.

Bridgestone VHS tyre: no vibration
Bridgestone engineers proposed VHS (V-Steel Highway Service) crane tyres in size 525/80 R25, to replace the original 20.5R25 tyres on the Loader, as Wheeled Loaders do not normally exceed 40 km/hour. The similarly sized All-Terrain Crane tyres can run at speeds of up to 100 km/hour.

Each Bridgestone VHS tyre on the Volvo L60 G PCP had to support 2.5 tons for the record attempt. With these loads and a target speed of 100 km/hour, Bridgestone engineers recommended an inflation pressure of 500 kpa (5 bar). Tests conducted before the final run showed that the tyre performed perfectly, providing confidence-inspiring stability, good driver feeling and no vibration.

“We are delighted that Swecon approached Bridgestone and were confident that we would have the correct tyre for this unique event which was confirmed by the driver who felt the VHS tyres were very stable, with no vibrations. ” added Gerry Hartley.

Leader in Off-The-Road tyres
Bridgestone has been designing and manufacturing Off-The-Road tyres for more than 70 years. During this time the company has built up a leading market position and today supplies a complete range of Off-The-Road products and services to mining, construction, highway service and port customers around the world.

Bridgestone’s Off-The-Road division has been run as a separate unit from the passenger car and truck-bus activities since 1989.This has enabled Bridgestone to focus more strongly on the off-road market segment than most other manufacturers and develop diversified products for specific requirements, meeting customer demand for consistent high-quality tyres all over the world.

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